update april 16


  • Integrated as backend on beta subdomain 
  • Added a thread to the DEF discord for updates

Experimenting / next

  • as IPFS image backend
    • test post with template combining images
  • Scale up text to reasonable minimum base 
  • Clean up general template styling

Making progress! Handing off the content presentation to blot frees me up to iron out the extraction method and frankly calms me down a ton. I’ve got a single text note extracting decently well. 

Next up: screenshot extraction of handwriting and drawings. These will be uploaded to piñata cloud, keeping the git traffic to blot minimal. After that, going to try to get an entire folder extracted. 

Eventually, maybe: subdomains, cross-sync with iCloud directory via markdown, automated syncing, mixed drawing and text mode, hashtags, and more? 

Listening to The Epic by Kamasi Washington