update 25-12-2021

Today Arthur spent the whole day writing an AppleScript file only to have it be overwritten by a bank one. It was a bit heartbreaking, but he got over it and we soon had a way to extract the sender of an iCloud invite by simulating a bare metal machine to click deep into the recesses of a share menu and copy the email address from the row marked as the owner. Which pops up a system level clipboard which we can capture to a file and send it all off to the backend.

Not much of an update given there was never an established say on what was going on so here we are. Tapping the mic, making sure it’s on.


Wondering what the writing style on here is like, or what it might evolve to be. 


Next steps

  • solidify the new Mac control layer sequence, add retry logic
  • add handwriting drawings scans
  • email notification copy
  • draft to publish flow
  • dashboard/admin page

Nearing completion on a significant refactor (if one could call it such). The conveyor belts of data are almost set up in the back, allowing information to just appear from one place to another.